More Canadians are pressing pause on retirement savings to pay for things now. Just how long should you do that? The answer may surprise you + MORE Jun 1st

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What to do when you overcontribute to your RRSP + MORE Jun 22nd

Ask MoneySense I overcontributed to my RRSP by accident, and I am looking for some advice on how to deal with it. I contributed $3,550 to my 2022 RRSP in October 2022. I then forgot I made this contribution and again in February 2023 I made a $3,550 contribution. What options to I have to address.... More »
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Making sense of the markets this week: December 24, 2023 Dec 28th

Kyle Prevost, creator of 4 Steps to a Worry-Free Retirement, Canada’s DIY retirement planning course, shares financial headlines and offers context for Canadian investors. It’s a tough job, but… It’s really hard to predict what the investment world will do. It’s even harder to predic.... More »

What do to with a spousal RRSP at age 71 Jun 15th

Ask MoneySense My question is in regards to a spousal RRSP that I have set up for my wife years ago. When she turns 71, do we have to turn it into something like a RRIF, which I did for my RRSP (I am older than her) and then withdraw from it annually? Or, could it be directly transferred to her TFSA.... More »

What to do with U.S. dollar RRSPs in retirement + MORE Jun 8th

Ask MoneySense I am 70 and have already turned my RSP into a RIF. However, I also have a U.S. RSP which will need to be dealt with next year at the latest. What do I do with it? Roll it into my Canadian RIF within the next year? Leave it as a separate RIF and take the necessary money from each .... More »

Is semi-retirement stressful? You bet—here’s what to do about it Jul 27th

One of my semi-retirement philosophies is that reducing stress can sometimes be more important than maximizing revenue. Assuming you’re self-employed in semi-retirement, as I am, you may find yourself juggling multiple clients and conflicting demands on your limited time and energy. The topic o.... More »
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I’m 30 years old and have 30 years to go until retirement. I already have a good pension with my employer so I’d like to try a 100% equity portfolio. Is there a Couch Potato portfolio that would suit my needs? Any ideas on which ETFs to hold?


Couch potato ETFs

Conventional investing wisdom says that young people can afford to be aggressive, especially if they can look forward to a defined pension plan in retirement. I’ve heard from many investors in their 20s and 30s who, like you, are contemplating an all-equity portfolio, and it’s not surprising. Stocks have a significantly higher expected return than bonds, so if you have a long time horizon, why not strive for maximum growth?

The problem is that what makes sense on a spreadsheet doesn’t always hold up in real life. While long-term stock investing has mostly been rewarding, the short-term is often gut-wrenching. We have seen this in 2022. Market fluctuations will frequently trim your portfolio by 20% in a matter of a few months—this is called a bear market—and during your lifetime you should probably expect an all-stock portfolio to be cut in half at least once, as well…

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More Canadians are pressing pause on retirement savings to pay for things now. Just how long should you do that? The answer may surprise youBe aware of the setbacks of putting saving for the future on the back burner in the face of high inflation, experts caution.

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