The best RRSPs in Canada for 2024 May 23rd

How to go about securing the best Retirement Plan in Canada.
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The best RRSPs in Canada for 2024


The best RRSPs in Canada
We’ve rounded up the best RRSP rates on savings accounts and GICs, as well as the best RRSP investment accounts.

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By Rebecca Cuneo Keenan and Keph Senett on May 23, 2024Estimated reading time: 19 minutes

Why should you open a registered retirement savings plan (RRSP)? This account type is often described as “tax-advantaged,” meaning it offers a tax-efficient way for savers and investors to build wealth for the future, usually for retirement. To maximize its potential, it helps to know the differences between an RRSP and other kinds of registered accounts, like the tax-free savings account (TFSA) and first home savings account (FHSA). Plus, not all RRSPs are built the same—you’ll want to compare the saving and/or investing options they offer, as well as their interest rates and fees…

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