RRSP withdrawals in your 40s Oct 7th

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RRSP withdrawals in your 40s

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RRSP withdrawals in your 40s
Q: I’m a federal government employee and was thinking about take some time and using my RRSPs to live on during that time (1 year). My bank said I could turn my RRSPs into a RRIF and withdraw monthly from that for income. I’m only 40. Is this possible? I’ve read online that you must be at least 65 to withdraw from a RRIF.
A: You can certainly take Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) withdrawals to fund your leave, CL, subject to a few conditions.
First, if your RRSP is just a regular, personal RRSP account, there should be no limitations. You can take withdrawals at any point regardless of your age. Your online research is incorrect.
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If it’s a locked-in RRSP that has come from a pension plan transfer, the locked-in status should prevent you from taking withdrawals prior to age 55 unless you have financial hardship or a shortened life expectancy. Presumably, neither is the case as your leave sounds voluntary…

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