Severance, pensions and unemployment at 65: Should you apply for a pension if you get laid off? Aug 17th

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Q. I just got laid off because of restructuring, but I got a package from work that will have me getting paid until February 2021. I am 65 as of March 2020. I did not apply for my pensions yet. If I apply now will it be deducted from my unemployment in February? Should I wait to apply for a pension?
A. I am sorry to hear about your layoff, Nancy. Hopefully you were close to retiring. I know sometimes these packages are welcomed for those approaching retirement. But even if that’s the case, it can still be difficult for those not yet prepared to be retired.
It sounds like you are receiving salary continuance through to next February, with regular payroll deposits continuing until that time. Even if you received a lump-sum severance payment all at once, if it would otherwise replace your salary until February, you would not be able to apply for employment insurance (EI) until that time.
EI benefits are available to workers who lose their job through no fault of their own, including a layoff…

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