This is what’s protecting your pension + MORE Sep 30th

Retirement planning getting you down? There are always smart ways to plan the financial aspects of your retirement.
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How to boost your retirement income by 50% + MORE Nov 18th

Flickr If you were told there was a way to boost your income in retirement by 50% it would no doubt get your attention. It certainly got my attention, in a paper in a recent issue of the Journal of Retirement. The paper was co-authored by one of MoneySense’s panelists for the annual ETF All Stars.... More »
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How to boost your returns in retirement + MORE Oct 21st

Shutterstock What’s the single biggest fear retirees face? Undoubtedly it’s the prospect of outliving their money. And as this column has pointed out before, retiring in this second decade of the 21st century poses challenges for just about any healthy person who lacks an inflation-indexed emplo.... More »

The best way to transfer RESP money to an RRSP + MORE Jan 6th

Q: When transferring my unused RESP accumulated income into my RRSP, am I able to do it as is, i.e. bank stocks, or do I have to cash them in and transfer as cash? —Johanna A: If you end up with money in a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) that you can’t use for a child’s education, .... More »
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Sears looking to close all stores, 12,000 to lose jobs + MORE Oct 14th

TORONTO — Sears Canada Inc. is seeking court approval to liquidate its roughly 130 remaining stores, leaving approximately 12,000 employees without a job. The embattled retailer, which has been operating under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act since June, said Tuesday that it had fail.... More »

CPPIB grows presence in Hong Kong logistics real estate with Goodman partnership + MORE Dec 9th

TORONTO _ The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board is investing $320 million in a partnership with more than a dozen modern logistics properties in Hong Kong. The Goodman Hong Kong Logistics Partnership, created in 2006, has assets worth about C$4.7 billion including a 50 per cent interest in Goodma.... More »
Millennials have a six-figure start on retirement saving. Here’s howThose born between 1981 and 1997 and who have participated in their company’s pension plan for 10 years have an average balance of $109,400, says a new study.

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As most people are well aware, job security in the private sector is often problematic in these days of corporate restructurings and mergers. This can extend even into the realm of employer pensions. It’s one thing to receive an inflation-indexed Defined Benefit pension sponsored by the government or a strong union, particularly if the pension is ultimately backstopped by taxpayers.
It’s quite another thing in the private sector. As the recipient of two modest employer DB pensions, the ultimate insecurity of such arrangements doesn’t always make for sound sleep. Fortunately, residents of the Province of Ontario are among the few Canadians who benefit from something called the Ontario Pension Benefits Guarantee Fund (PBGF).
Established in 1980, the PBGF covers more than 1,500 DB plans and 1.1 million members in the province. Participation is mandatory for most DB plans registered in Ontario. Initially, the PBFG provided a floor on the first $1,000 a month of pension income but in May 2017, the Ontario Ministry of Finance announced that “in the event that a pension plan is not fully funded and the employer is bankrupt, the government will be increasing the monthly guarantee provided by the Pension Benefits Guarantee Fund for a plan member’s pension by 50%, to $1,500 from $1,000…

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