Université de Moncton: The new seniors on campus + MORE Feb 10th

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Top retirement planning tasks by age and stage—In partnership with Scotiabank—

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Université de Moncton: The new seniors on campus

Nursing student Danielle Theriault, left, works with a patient at the Université de Moncton’s Ecole de Science Infirmiere. (Photograph by Darren Calabrese)
Every September, university campuses spring back to life as students move into their dorms and classes get underway. There’s a flurry of activity on the quad, as friendships are formed and memories are made. This fall, the Université de Moncton welcomed not only their new students but 65 very special residents.
The new faces on campus are residents of the new Faubourg du Mascaret, a retirement complex and nursing home for seniors aged 65 and over. In addition to the new residents at the care home, the complex will eventually be home to more than 30 semi-independent seniors, who require lower levels of care. (All spaces are allocated on a first come, first served basis.) Two apartment complexes are in the final phase of construction, and should be ready for independent seniors to move into by next fall…

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Your top tasks for retirement savings at every ageYour age only matters in as much as it can help form the list of financial ‘tasks’ you should do to prepare for your retirement, based on your situation. ROB AND JULIA CAMPBELL/STOCKSY
In partnership with Scotiabank
We are all unique. We are different in ages, interests, incomes, skills, temperaments and tastes. But, when it comes to retirement savings, we also have a lot in common. Most of the things we need to do are similar, if not exactly the same. Let’s take a look at some of the “top tasks” to focus on as you move through your life. And remember that age is just a number. Some people hit milestones earlier, some later. And some move through life in their own way, at their own pace.
In your 20s: Allocating your paycheque
You enter the workforce with high hopes, trying to find the match between what you love to do and what will pay the rent. This can be a tough task as the job market continues to shift from full-time positions to short-term contracts or gigs. However you earn your money, you’ll face a big challenge: How are you going to allocate it? You may have a chunk of student debt to pay off…

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TORONTO _ A recent decline in global stock prices may be an opportunity for the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board to get better prices for investments it wants to make, CEO Mark Machin said Friday after releasing CPPIB’s quarterly results.
“Our portfolio is constructed to be robust and perform well in the long term. So we’re well set up to weather this type of volatility,” Machin said after announcing the CPP Fund earned a four per cent return in the quarter ended Dec. 31.
Besides having a widely-diversified portfolio and a very long investment horizon that protects the CPP Fund from short-term volatility, its investment teams see periods of stock market weakness as opportunities.
“This allows us to enter at a better price than we would otherwise. So that’s good,” Machin said.
He also said the market volatility _ indexes have made huge swings in both directions this week _ reflect a debate about whether rising U.S. wages and interest are a threat to the economy or a result of economic strength…

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