Latest in Mortgage News: 4 in 10 Buyers Open to Purchasing a Home “Virtually” + MORE Jun 13th

Canadian housing mortgage rates are all over the map. Don’t get trapped in an unnecessarily costly mortgage agreement.
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Prospective home buyers feel the heat over new mortgage rules, but all hope is not lost, industry leaders say Jul 7th

Mortgage default insurance is mandatory on down payments between five and 19.99 per cent, and as of July 1 it will be even harder to qualify through the national housing agency. But don’t panic just yet..... More »

Mortgage Rates Keep Setting New Record Lows Jul 1st

While mortgage rates have been tumbling steadily over the last couple of months, many are now in record-setting territory, with certain 1- to 5-year fixed rates now available for under 2.00% from discount brokers. Concerns over a second wave of COVID-19 have caused Canada’s 5-year bond yield t.... More »

Latest in Mortgage News: Newton to Provide Free TransUnion Access to its 6,000+ Velocity Users + MORE Jun 28th

Starting today, the more than 6,000 mortgage brokers who use the Velocity mortgage operating system will gain free access to TransUnion credit reports for the remainder of the year. The offer is part of a campaign by Newton Connectivity Systems, which operates Velocity, to encourage greater diversif.... More »

Navigate through these uncharted waters in 2020 Jul 4th

In 2009 and 2010, for the first time ever we saw mortgage rates under 2.00%.  That’s right, if you were in a variable rate mortgage, you had a rate under 2.00%. We were coming off the catastrophic US sub-prime mortgage crisis. The financial US scam that cost the world trillions of dollar.... More »
Knowing Your Debts and Planning for Payments Post-Relief Efforts
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many Canadians’ way of life. Unfortunately, some have lost their jobs or are working on reduced hours and, in turn, have had to rely on government support or their savings to help make ends meet.
According to the federal government’s 2019 Canadian Financial Capability Survey, 64% of Canadians have an emergency fund to cover expenses for three months. However, that means 36% don’t have as much saved. That will make it difficult when the time comes to pay bills over the next few months.
Managing debt
Several financial institutions have allowed customers in need to defer payments on mortgages, credit card balances, and loans for up to six months. On top of this, there are many other payments due in the near future, and you should be planning for when those financial relief measures end.
If you’re a homeowner, your property taxes may already be past due, depending on where you live. In Toronto, for example, the 60-day grace period has already expired…

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Social distancing restrictions in place for the past few months have transformed the way homes are bought and sold, with many showings now taking place “virtually.” And many homebuyers—42%, to be exact—are just fine with that, according to a recent survey by the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA). Four out of 10 Ontario homeowners said they were “open” or “somewhat open” to buying a home while only being able to view it through electronic means. A third (33%) said they […]

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