Scotiabank “intentionally slowing” its mortgage portfolio + MORE Mar 2nd

Canadian housing mortgage rates are all over the map. Don’t get trapped in an unnecessarily costly mortgage agreement.
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Over 70% of CIBC’s variable-rate customers are seeing all of their mortgage payments go towards servicing interest costs.

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The CHIP Reverse Mortgage from HomeEquity Bank allows Canadian homeowners age 55+ to access up to 55% of their home’s value and turn it into tax-free cash without having to move or sell.

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Fixed mortgage rates back on the rise


Fixed mortgage rates in Canada surged last week thanks to a fresh run-up in bond yields.

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With its new CEO now at the helm, Scotiabank has laid out its plans for a shift in focus in terms of how its funds its loan book.

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Problem & Solution: I Bought A New Home, But Haven’t Sold My Old OneHigher interest rates are causing a lot of problems for homeowners. Not just in terms of being able to purchase a home – but also in terms of being able to sell the existing one. Unfortunately, this is a problem I’ve been getting far too many calls about these days. Finding a new home is really only half the battle. Selling your current home to complete the transaction is the real challenge, especially in this market.

It’s easy to feel stuck when you’re in this situation. Luckily, with the right people and the right guidance, there’s always a solution. Here’s an example of a client we were able to get out of a pretty tight corner.


The borrower, our client, owned a condo worth about $500k and had an outstanding mortgage balance of roughly $200k. He bought a new condo for $550k with the expectation that he could use the equity in his existing condo towards the down payment. Sounds like a reasonable expectation, right? 

Very few people can afford to carry two mortgages at once…

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